While most of Cardi B’s fans have no remorse for Offset, there are many male celebrities putting up a united front for the Migos rapper. According to multiple reports, there are several male celebrities that believe Offset deserves another chance and Cardi B should be open to giving him that. After Offset’s public apology to Cardi, many of his fellow rappers felt as if he’d poured his heart out to his estranged wife. In the video, Offset said, “I was partaking in activity that I shouldn’t have been partaking in, and I apologize,” he said in the video.

“You know what I’m saying? For breaking your heart, for breaking our promise, for breaking God’s promise and being a selfish, messed up husband.”

For those who haven’t seen Offset’s recent viral post, he reportedly posted a public video apology to Cardi B. In response to that video, T.I. wrote, “I feel u bro #TakeOffsetBack @cardib.”However, T.I. isn’t the only person urging Cardi B to take Offset back. According to TMZ, R&B singer Tank is also urging the “Bodak Yellow” rapper to reconsider her stance. Tank’s statement reportedly came just hours after Offset publicly apologized to Cardi B by interrupting her concert to get his point across.

The footage of that exchange has gone viral as fans have many different perspectives of that situation. While many are convinced Offset’s apology is sincere, others are urging Cardi B to keep running and never look back. Apparently, Cardi chose the latter because she shut Offset down on stage. The “I Like It” rapper reportedly had Offset’s flowers removed from her stage before continuing her show.

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F L O O R S E A T W I T H M R. & M R S. W A T E R

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Now, a defeated Offset has taken to social media to share his reaction to Cardi’s statements. On Sunday, December 15, Offset took to Instagram with yet another post about the ongoing debacle. He wrote, “All of my wrongs have been made public, I figure It’s only right that my apologies are made public too,” he wrote. ” A n—a was just trying…..thank god I ain’t got no balloons sheeesh.”

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I appreciate all the love! But what I need most right now from my fans is support and respect.

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But despite Cardi’s efforts to move forward, many fans aren’t totally convinced their split is completely real. On multiple occasions, Cardi and Offset have been accused of embellishing headlines in order to stay relevant. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cardi adamantly insists that’s definitely not the case. The famed rapper recently took to social media to reiterate that their split is the real deal. Cardi has also explained that while she appreciates the support from fans, she also needs their respect during such a difficult time in her life.

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