Earlier this month, multiple new Jana Duggar courtship rumors began to make the rounds on social media.

First, fans claimed that Jana was courting Jacob Wilson, but the longtime Duggar family friend quickly took to Facebook debunk those reports.

Shortly thereafter, rumors of Jana courting Caleb Williams surfaced online, and they’ve proven a little bit harder to shake.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, fans really want to believe that Caleb and Jana are an item.

So naturally, Duggar fanatics have taken a tremendous amount of interest in Caleb’s past, as well as his personal life.

Like Jacob, Caleb has been an associate of the Duggars for quite some time, but little is known about him aside from that.

Fortunately, OK! magazine tracked down a longtime friend of Caleb’s who preferred to remain anonymous but offered several interesting insights into the character of Jana’s mystery man.

Right off the bat, Caleb’s unidentified pal says Williams and the Duggars have very different views on parenting.

“As a parent, he may not choose to do the things they chose to do,” the insider says.

That said, the friend believes Jim Bob and Michelle would be cool with Caleb’s differing views on child-rearing, noting that “parenting isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal.”

(Caleb’s buddy should probably read up on Jim Bob’s cconflicts with his current sons-in-law. He’s not as chill as he seems, which is really saying something, as he doesn’t seem chill at all.)

As for Caleb’s past, the tipster says he’s a well-traveled, having been to several countries, and is currently planning to return to college after taking a hiatus for financial reasons.

“Right now, he’s getting some stuff paid off and will hopefully get back to a degree when all that’s finished,” says the source.

According to his Instagram page, Caleb’s current occupation is “business owner,” though he doesn’t go into any detail about the nature of his business.

As for the “rebel” label that seems to be following Caleb around these days, we’re guessing fans mean that he’s a rebel by Duggar standards, because he seems to keep things on the straight-and-narrow.

“They have similar belief systems, but he’s a bit different in his thinking,” says the insider when asked about ideological differences between Caleb and the Duggars.

“He’s maybe somewhat more liberal.”

Yes, Caleb’s friend went and busted out the L-word.

If you thought Jim Bob gave Jeremy Vuolo a hard time, just wait until Jana brings Caleb around!

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