In late March, Britney Spears checked into a mental health facility and explained that it’s because of her father’s declining health.

Conspiracy theories have run wild, with one incredible report claiming that Britney was committed against her will … a few months ago.

Now, a report clears up rumors and explains exactly what led up to Britney entering a facility.

RadarOnline reports that the buildup to Britney entering rehab had a lot to do with her medication.

An insider says that she’d been inconsistent with her meds and even “completely stopped.”

It sounds like a major catalyst for this was her being driven to distraction by her father, Jamie Spears, and his health crisis.

“Prior to Jamie getting ill,” the source says. “He would do daily phone checks with Britney and her bodyguards.”

He was in the habit of going out of his way “to make sure that she was taking meds.”

When he found out that Britney wasn’t taking her meds as prescribed, he was immediately worried.

Jamie isn’t just her father; he’s in charge of her conservatorship.

He told her that she needed to get help.

“Jamie wants her to be okay mentally,” the source affirms.

The insider observes: “It is a mess.”

But the report makes it very clear that, after being prompted by her father, Britney entered the mental health facility voluntarily.

The report claims that Britney is itching to be released, in part so that she can spend more time by her dad’s side.

“She is certain she’s ready to handle the remainder of her treatment plan at her home,” the source says.

It’s not that she has anything against the Los Angeles-area wellness facility.

It’s just that she’s having a “very hard time” with her father’s declining health.

We have to stress that the report’s contents have not been confirmed.

We know that Britney checked herself in because she said as much on Instagram.

Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, confirmed it on his own post, praising her for her strength and courage.

Sometimes, people (of means) who want to get back on track with their meds do so under medical supervision.

This makes the process as safe and smooth as possible as they get back into the habit of regular doses.

But Birtney has not confirmed that meds were involved in her decision to seek help.

But that story about Britney’s meds leads us to a much wilder and less credible report that has been floating around this week.

Some third-rate Britney podcast reported that Britney was being held against her will under her father’s orders.

The bonkers claim, made by an anonymous alleged paralegal on a voicemail, also mentioned Britney’s meds being a factor.

Of course, this person also claimed that Britney was secretly locked up all the way back in January, and that they kept it secret until two weeks ago.

All of this from a nameless paralegal who, by thier own admission, has never spoken to Britney and doesn’t currently work with the conservatorship in any capacity.

Nonetheless, this led to cries of “Free Britney’ from the singer’s most diehard and possibly most gullible fans.

Britney is very probably just in a mental healthcare facility, by her own very responsible and brave choice.

Or maybe, against all odds and common sense, I’m the most gullible fan and Britney’s locked away in some tower like Rapunzel.

(Some of Britney’s mom’s behavior on social media has seemed to support the theory. Lynne, what are you up to?)

Either way, we continue to wish her the best.

She’s one of the greatest performers in history, her music has literally saved lives, and she is a first-rate mother to her two sons.

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