Bob Dylan will be featured on a new album from Bear and a Banjo, a two man band.

According to Variety, Dylan has contributed lyrics to the project’s Gone But Not Forgotten. The project is due in early 2019.

Bear and a Banjo is a two-man band consisting of Jared Gutstadt, the cofounder of production company Jingle Punks, and Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd. The duo’s collection of eight songs will form the basis of a narrative podcast series and features contributions from Dylan and T-Bone Burnett. The narrative format is inspired by Greil Marcus‘ book, The Old, Weird America: The World of Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes.

“I wasn’t ready five years ago to make this record. It took three to four years of development, making this album with Poo and T Bone and Bob Dylan’s camp to get it right,” Gutstadt told Variety. “The last piece of the puzzle was a conversation with one of Jingle Punk’s biggest partners, iHeartMedia, which just acquired one of the largest podcast companies in the industry, and taking it from there.”

“T Bone Burnett, who is truly the Alan Lomax of our time, is a musicologist and an interpreter of folk traditions as pop culture, as with his work with the Coen Brothers, and Bob Dylan’s ‘Rolling Thunder Review,'” he added.

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