Girls supporting girls! Bishop Briggs, the first-ever female headliner at iHeartRadio’s ALTer Ego concert, EXCLUSIVELY told HL about the decision to shave her head in solidarity with a friend battling cancer.

Alt-pop queen Bishop Briggs, 26, slayed the stage as the first-ever female headliner at iHeartRadio’s ALTer Ego concert on Jan. 19, but before the show, she got honest about the emotional cancer battle her friend, beauty guru Arax is enduring, and her decision to stand in solidarity with her. Bishop revealed just how much her decision to shave her head meant to her pal, and the “amazing” reaction that followed. “Her reaction was so amazing!” Bishop told HollywoodLife on the red carpet. “I didn’t really think she would react the way she reacted but I was really appreciative that it meant a lot to her. But, I had asked her if there was any specific organization she would like me to talk about just in case there was anyone that was looking at me shaving my head. And the foundation she was most passionate about that had helped her the most was Susan G. Komen foundation. Yeah, so her reaction was amazing. I just wish she wasn’t going through it of course but she has been such a trooper and has been so strong through it all,” Bishop said.

The singer knows her way around the process of penning a meaningful track, and goes on to say that she thinks channeling a heartbreaking experience could actually be healthy. “I want her to write music about it. Oh my gosh, because it is so therapeutic and I think it is so important with music that it comes from a personal place as much as it is heartbreaking for me I can’t even imagine for her. Because she has kids and an amazing husband. But I feel she is so powerful and I really hope she writes about it. She really is a makeup artist, an incredible makeup artist,” she says of her friend. So – would to two ladies ever link up for a collaboration? “Definitely,” says Bishop.

The video for Bishop’s breakout hit, “The River,” has racked up a whopping 67 million views on YouTube to date, and the stunning ballad isn’t the only insight to romance that the singer is willing to share. The hit-maker also revealed her epic Valentine’s Day plans! “I love Valentine’s Day so much. Whether I have been single or not. I just love…. I am not always wearing pink. I am always wearing black. But it is the Forum. I have to step it up! But I do love that everything is pink and I am a big fan of the cheesy mugs and the access to ll the chocolate,” she told HL. “I mean that I am very happy about. I don’t think I ever thought that you should be ashamed of how you feel about someone, its all in the effort of transparency… So I would say my ideal Valentine’s Day is a large amount of vegan cookies on my stomach watching Vanderpump Rules,” she said, with a laugh.

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