The red carpet at the 76th Annual Golden Globes is normally overrun with men in tight suits who look terrified to sit down and ladies serving tits galore in ridiculously expensive dresses. Yawns and eye rubs all night, right? That’s true unless you’re Billy Porter from  Pose. If your eyes have never witnessed the magic that is Pose yet then stop what you’re doing and watch the first episode right now! If you have watched Pose then please get all the way into Billy, who portrays Pray Tell on the show, as he poses and slays everyone with a cape worthy enough for its own limited edition superhero series.

The category is; Werqqqqqq. Billy came to play no games when he showed up on the red carpet, flung his arms open and revealed the true winner of the night: that cape! I don’t even know where to start but I will say that it was more than just something to be seen on the red carpet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, designer Randi Rahm stated that it took six months to make his outfit yet the statement she was going for is a timeless message.

“The look is a combination of muted, patterned sartorial menswear fabrics combined with the world’s most luxurious couture fabrics,” says Rahm. “I knew Billy would know how to work the red carpet just like a Pose runway, and it would require an ensemble with lots of sophisticated drama; it truly floats and gives Billy the perfect excuse to, as he would say, ‘serve the fashion,’” she says. “And I immediately knew this look would be a very important statement for Billy in many ways. It needed to speak to his amazing personality, the importance of his role on the groundbreaking show Pose, as well as the message we collectively want to send to the world regarding the fluidity of fashion, tolerance and acceptance.”

Unfortunately Billy didn’t win last night, which is why I’m glad I didn’t watch that shit because I probably would have thrown my remote at the television in protest, which would have been stupid. However, his presence and visibility at the event served more than just fashion. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight after his red carpet entrance Billy was asked about the ongoing controversy surrounding Kevin Hart and the Oscars and he said this;

“I think Kevin Hart is extremely talented, I’m a huge fan of his. His hosting the Oscars would be amazing. When everybody is ready to come together and have a broader conversation about what homophobia in the world really is…call a bitch. I’m not gonna do it in soundbytes”

Yes, when the time comes to have that conversation PLEASE call Billy and nobody else but Billy. Because that cape serves as one thing; a signal to the homophobes that he is primed and ready to kick all the ass and look fuckin’ phenomenal while doing so.

Check out Billy’s entire interview below.

And here’s another devastating look at Billy for the road:


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