Life sure as shit is imitating art for Ariana Grande. Her “thank u, next” single is quite the ode to her exes, and it seems like she’s taking each of them out for an ol’ time’s sake spin. Even though she said earlier this year she wasn’t dating anyone, Ari was spotted out and about with ex-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, also referenced in the song. Her team maintained they were just friends, but now she’s been seen out with Big Sean. I love when people can still be friends after they break up…but there’s no way she ain’t boning some of these fellas.

TMZ says Ari and Sean were spotted yesterday snuggling in his car outside a Los Angeles recording studio. May the record reflect Ariana was at the studio, Sean pulled up in his car, and then she went outside to meet him. Good for her! Why should us gays be the only ones to have dial-a-dick access with Grindr?? Ariana showed him one of her dogs, which meant they had to get closer (?), and then they left in his car. Dammit, Ariana, any good THOT knows you get closer to a man by offering up a kitten. You ask if he wants to pet your Hello Kitty, and THEN you go in for the kill. I never would have taken you, of all people, for amateur hour!

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TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ & Tanya P. @TanyaxPayne _____________________________________ #TSRExclusive: #Roommates! Exes #ArianaGrande and #BigSean were spotted together the other night. As you can see in the pictures above, the two were ridin’ round together and Ari’s dog was there too so issa family affair! _____________________________________ The two were reportedly in an LA studio together for several hours, and following that, Sean was waiting for her outside and they left together in his car. _____________________________________ Ariana and Sean dated for a cool minute back in 2014, and since their break up in 2015, they’ve both had completely separate relationships. Sean’s most recent relationship was with #JheneAiko, and Ari’s most recent relationship was her engagement to #PeteDavidson. _____________________________________ Could the two be rekindling their flame, or simply making music together? Alexa, play thank u, next! ?: Backgrid

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Sean and Ari were together for about a year before splitting. He went with Jhene Aiko, and she was with a few fellas. In the “Thank u, Next” video, she blatantly made it clear she was up for a reunion when his page in the Regina George-esque burn book said “(could still get it)”. Keep in mind: she is rumored to have left his ass after he had a song lyric referencing her “billion dollar pussy.” I mean, I don’t think anyone figures Ariana is a billionaire, so you’d think she would have taken that as a compliment!


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