AceShowbiz -It’s been almost three years when Apryl Jones and Omarion‘s relationship ended, but that doesn’t mean Apryl has completely moved on. She took to her Instagram account to blast his ex-fiance and the father of her two kids.

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star kicked things off by sharing that they weren’t exactly relationship goals like many would think. “You don’t ever know what’s going on behind closed doors,” she said. “It was a lot that was happening. I wasn’t completely happy.”

Apryl continued saying, “I’ve been quiet for way too long. The fool won’t even talk to me. How am I supposed to deal with someone like that?”

The mother of 2, who called things off with the R&B singer in 2016, also shared that the musician is not helping her financially to take care of their children, adding that he doesn’t even see them quite often either. “He needs to help me since he is not helping me financially,” she said in the video.

A fan commented, “COURT, COURT, COURT, COURT,” to which Apryl responded that she did try to bring things in a legal matter as she filed a case with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). However, that didn’t do much since Omarion allegedly hid his assets. “Y’all don’t want to know the amount [I] am getting because he hid his assets,” she told her online devotees.

The TV mom then dropped a huge bombshell, saying, “He served me with papers on Mother’s Day,” She explained, “I’m sure he ain’t gon’ tell you all that. He really did. Now, that’s the truth… Thanks, O.”

Further in the Instagram Live, which marks the first time for Apryl to publicly address the lack of Omarion’s support, she vowed, “He is going to take his kids as he should. Y’all going to see him more with them.”

“Y’all going to see me working more,” she went on saying. The celebrity mom further explained, “I am able to provide for my children, but because he is not helping me, I don’t have a sitter, a nanny or any help. His family doesn’t help me. It’s difficult.”

Omarion and Apryl ended their years of relationship in 2016, just four months after their second child, A’mei Grandberry, was born.

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