Alexis Skyy was reportedly injured at a Super Bowl party in Atlanta on February 3. The reality star was carried out of a club after party goers heard loud noises and thought gunfire ensued, according to a new report! See the video footage.

Alexis Skyy, 24, escaped serious injury when she was carried out of a Super Bowl party gone wrong on February 3, according to TMZ. The Love & Hip Hop star was partying inside 617 Social Lounge in Atlanta, late Sunday night, when she reportedly injured her leg in an attempt to leave the venue. TMZ reports that party goers heard what they thought were two loud gunshots coming from inside the club — that’s when chaos ensued, as the frantic crowd rushed the exit.

As the crowd scrambled to leave the club, Alexis injured her leg, a source tells the outlet. She was reportedly unable to walk out of the venue on her own, so an unidentified man carried her out, as seen in the below footage obtained by the site. Alexis reportedly went to the emergency room, where doctors informed her that her leg wasn’t broke, nor did she have a serious sprain.

The loud noises heard inside the club turned out to be a false alarm, according to the outlet, which reports no shots were fired. Although TMZ identifies the person being carried out in the video as Alexis Skyy, it is unclear who the person they point to is. The reality star has not confirmed TMZ‘s report. HollywoodLife has reached out to Alexis Skyy for comment.

Alexis has been active on social media following the reported incident. However, she has not directly addressed the report.

The injury report came after Alexis’ one-year-old daughter Alaiya had emergency brain surgery on January 27. Alexis gave a detailed update on her daughter’s condition in a post on Instagram, which featured a smiling Alaiya still attached to IVs. 

“Princess, we going home GOD is so good,” Alexis, who is reportedly dating Rob Kardashian, 31, captioned the photo. Alaiya, who was born three months premature, weighing just a pound, suffers from hydrocephalus — a medical condition that causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. The infant’s hospital visit was to fix a malfunctioning brain shunt that is supposed to drain fluids.

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