Alan Alda isn’t going to let Parkinson’s slow him down.

As fans of the actor know, Alda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s nearly four years ago. Over the summer, the Inquisitr shared that the Alda broke the news of his diagnosis to the public, telling fans that he has known he had the disease for quite some time now. But he assured everyone that he’s still living life to the fullest, giving talks, acting, and even helping at the Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook.

Now, the actor is opening up a little bit more about how he has been doing in recent months and one thing is clear — Alda doesn’t skip a beat. In a new sit-down with People, the 82-year-old told the publication that for the most part, he tries to keep himself pretty busy.

“I do occasionally do nothing and sit around. But I believe in doing everything in moderation, including moderation. So far it’s working.”

“My life hasn’t changed much,” he shared. “I just applied my curiosity to it. I’m constantly reading and trying to figure out the best approaches. So far it’s really interesting. I think it’s helped me understand a little better that everybody has something they’re coping with.”

Alda also dished that he hasn’t really made plans for the future, comparing his life to “improvisation.” He says that he just wants to focus on what’s in front of him and make the best out of every situation.

According to the actor, he knew that something was wrong in 2015. His wife, Arlene Alda, noticed that her husband wasn’t really moving his arms when he walked. Alda was also acting out dreams while he was asleep. Those two things are two early signs of Parkinson’s and while at first, he admitted that he was scared of the disease and what it would entail, Alda said he was able to get past that by educating himself on it.

The actor also credits his wife of 61 years for helping him cope during this stressful time in his life. Alda says that through everything that has happened with him and his heath, he’s most happy that Aerlene is by his side through it all. After such a long marriage, the two are still completely in love the actor says.

“We still experience a kind of puppy love,” he said of their relationship.

Alan and his wife share three daughters together. The great actor still says that his secret to helping him cope with Parkinson’s is remembering to “adapt, adjust, revise.”

“Because the only thing you can be sure of is that everything is going to change,” he says.

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