Gordon Ramsay goes undercover at a new restaurant to get the inside scoop on what’s really going on. HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the Jan. 9 episode. Watch now!

Gordon Ramsay and his cohorts are going undercover as fans of a local hockey team to investigate the Shanty on 19th, an iconic restaurant in the heart Allentown, Pennsylvania’s theater district for over 40 years, in this EXCLUSIVE 24 Hours To Hell & Back preview. Gordon looks completely unrecognizable with his scruffy beard and sports gear. When Gordon walks into the restaurant, he immediately notes that it’s a “crude, rundown shack.” He adds that the “decor is lacking any sort of identity.”

While this restaurant is supposed to be an upscale bistro, Gordon says it looks more like a sports bar. When Gordon and his associates order off the menu, the waitress admits that the burger has never been sold before. Yikes. Soon after ordering, Gordon and everyone else in the restaurant overhear two workers screaming and cursing at each other in the open kitchen.

The waitress is embarrassed by the scene and says the employees are “just under a lot of pressure.” Gordon says what we’re all thinking: “Customers don’t want to hear that.”

During the episode, Gordon and his team will discover that the feuds between the restaurant’s owner and staff have taken a toll not only on the restaurant’s business, but on the personal lives of everyone involved. Gordon will try to bring the restaurant back from the brink of disaster in just 24 hours. Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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