Starface has teamed up with Hello Kitty to create spot stickers. They’re laced with hydrocolloid, an ingredient proven to treat and reduce blemishes.

Less than a year since launching in the UK, spot sticker brand Starface has skyrocketed in popularity.

Putting a fun spin on (usually pretty plain) spot stickers, Starface’s offering is all about bright, light-hearted designs. Alongside its permanent yellow star-shaped stickers, it has also released glow in the dark versions, rainbow-printed designs and even star spot patches urging customers to vote in the recent US elections.

Now, the brand has released a new range of spot stickers, which also serves as its first ever collaboration – and it may just be our favourite yet.

Starface has teamed up with Hello Kitty to create cute spot patches in honour of the iconic character’s birthday and Japanese company Sanrio’s 60th anniversary.

Just like its other spot patches, the limited-edition Starface Big Hello Kitty, £12 for 32 stickers, are laced with just one ingredient: 100% hydrocolloid, an ingredient proven to reduce the size of spots.

When Starface launched, its refreshing mission aimed to overhaul the way that we view and approach treating spots. Instead of covering them in layers of make-up in an attempt to cover them, Starface’s stickers help to reduce them while allowing you to exercise self expression.

Plus, these handy stickers can shield spots from external bacteria and stop you from spot picking, helping to prevent scarring or hyperpigmentation.

What’s more, the stickers come in Starface’s signature reusable box but with a white Hello Kitty redesign.

We’ll be stocking up for the next time we get a blemish…

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