Stemming from its sustainable jewellery collection, J.Hannah is a line-up of muted yet impactful nail polishes.

With another lockdown pending, a lot of us are cracking open our at-home nail kits to see what can help make our quest for an at-home salon-grade manicure a bit easier.

As well as the right tools, the quality of your nail polish makes a huge difference to the finished result of any manicure. Ideally, you should opt for something that isn’t too thin as this can lead to streaks, nor so thick that it leaves your nail bed covered in gloops. Most importantly, you want a formula that leaves a layer of gorgeous colour with every brushstroke. That’s where LA-based nail brand J.Hannah comes in.

You may have seen the brand’s chic lettering, stylish rectangular bottles or on-trend colours on your Instagram feed and in just a few years, it has shot up to become a favourite among many beauty editors.

So, what’s so special about it? The lightbulb spark for the brand came when founder Jess Hannah inherited some of her grandmother’s vintage jewellery pieces. From there, Hannah created a sustainable jewellery collection, using 100% post-consumer recycled 14k gold or sterling silver and gemstones that are either recycled or ethically-sourced.

Soon after, Hannah set out to compliment adorned hand selfies with a wardrobe of high-quality nail polishes for the colour-adverse. From Coahuila clay and Japanese candies to ink pigment and dried rice, Hannah has taken colour inspiration from unlikely but incredibly interesting sources as well as artists’ palettes and natural elements.

Every polish is non-toxic and cruelty-free and when you cast your eye over the colour selection, you’ll quickly realise it’s hard to whittle it down to which shade to pick. Here, the Stylist team tried their best to pick their favourites – no mean feat…

  • Fauna

    Inspired by ginger, Egyptian ochre and curcuma, senior beauty writer Hanna Ibraheem loves the way this earthy orange looks against her skin tone.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Fauna, £15

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  • Ghost Ranch

    Capturing the rich tones of a Georgia O’Keeffe’s 1934 painting, Purple Hills Ghost Ranch No II, this colour is perfect for winter.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Ghost Ranch, £15

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  • Miso

    Beauty director Shannon Peter often reaches for Miso, a pearlescent beige inspired the shine of dried rice and colours of miso paste.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Miso, £15

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  • Eames

    Inspiration for Eames came from two very unlikely sources: traditional Japanese candies by confectioners Toraya and a lounge chair made by New York-based designer Chris Lehrecke.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Eames, £15

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  • Blue Nudes

    Inspired by Henri Matisse’s 1907 painting The Blue Nude, this polish nails the same shades that were bound to lie on Matisse’s paint palette.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Blue Nudes, £15

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  • Carob

    The shades found in black walnut and rich coffee sparked the idea for this gorgeous brown nail polish.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Carob, £15

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  • Dune

    Like its name suggests, Dune captures the colours of the desert and the settings found in movies such as Thelma and Louise and The Sheltering Sky.

    J.Hannah Nail Polish in Dune, £15

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