Victoria’s Secret model Roosmarijn de Kok has an impressive nighttime skincare routine full of proven skin-soothing products and natural treatments–but it’s what she does after her face is clean that is really interesting. In this episode of Go To Bed With Me, the Dutch-born model walks us through how she keeps her skin looking runway-ready (and her mind ready for bed, even while traveling).

De Kok starts her routine with a clay-and-honey cleanser that also doubles as a mask. “It’s both cleansing and hydrating,” she notes while pulling her hair back into a ponytail. She chases the cleanser with Caudalie’s face mist to add more hydrating back into her skin.

Like so many other models, influencers, and makeup artists, de Kok had her blood drawn by Dr. Barbara Sturm to be used in a customized facial cream. “It helps to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out using my own blood cells,” she says. “I like this cream a lot because it’s very thick and very hydrating.”

One of the model’s best skincare hacks? She uses eye cream on her smile lines to temporarily plump and soften them. She finishes her routine by brushing her teeth (naturally). She loved the subscription-based toothbrush company Quip so much that she ultimately invested in them.

Watch the rest of de Kok’s routine above, and stay tuned until the end to learn about her nightly ritual with healing crystals and positive affirmations. Don’t forget to subscribe to BAZAAR’s Youtube channel so you don’t miss a single episode of Go To Bed With Me.

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