If you’ve ever shopped in the hair care section, then you know not all hair products work the same for everyone. Those with naturally curly and coily hair, in particular, are often left with minimal options in the beauty aisle. But Tracee Ellis Ross’ new hair care brand is coming to service the curliest and coiliest hair textures with dedicated products.

Ross made the official announcement on Sept. 3, introducing the hair care brand on Instagram as Pattern Beauty, explaining she has been working on the project since writing her first brand pitch in 2008 while wrapping up the end her hit show Girlfriends.

“@Patternbeauty is here to empower and nourish curly, coily and tight-textured hair — 3B to 4C,” Ross wrote in the caption. ⁠"@Patternbeauty is for those of us who need more than a quarter size of product. Large conditioner sizes that actually fulfill the unmet needs of our community. Accessible pricing because everyone should have access to their most beautiful hair in their own shower, and gorgeous packaging that conjures the legacy of our history and makes us all feel like the royalty that we are.”

According to Ross and the Pattern Beauty Instagram page, the products launch on Sep. 9 on PatternBeauty.com. In addition to revealing the launch date, the Pattern Beauty Instagram page has already given fans a glimpse into what’s being offered in the first launch.

According to a Allure, the line includes a shampoo, three conditioners in Medium, Heavy, and Intense, hair oil serums, a brush, a clip, and a microfiber towel. Pattern also offers its products in different sizes for Pattern’s shampoo conditioners, and leave-in conditioner — $9 for 3-oz and $42 for the whopping 29-oz bottle.

The name Pattern, by Ross’ explanation in her announcement video, refers to one’s curl pattern or hair texture. Using systems like NaturallyCurly.com’s Hair Types Chart show the range in which textures can range from 1A, super straight hair, to 4C, very coily hair. However, for decades, the hair care industry only catered to those with straighter hair types.

"How water and hydration penetrates our cuticles is completely different," Ross says in the announcement video," and how water penetrates my hair is different from how it penetrates your hair."

Ross even goes on to explain among her team members the discrepancies that still exist within the hair care community.

"The paradigm of how hair products are determined for their effectiveness is based on white straight hair, so there’s like no litmus test to create a relationship to even discover new things," she says.

Hair discrimination is still an ongoing battle for natural coily-headed folks, although products like Pattern are more readily available than in the past. With more hair representation in the beauty aisles and in media, more people are ditching perms and instead embracing their twist and braid-outs, allowing hairstyle like afros and puffs become more visible.

With Ross releasing Power Beauty, those with 3B to 4C hair can enjoy products made for them by someone with hair like theirs — and that makes all the difference.

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