Over-applying your skincare products is wasteful and can make them less effective – but this clever Instagram post by a skincare expert perfectly shows how much formula you should be using.

When it comes to your skincare routine, there’s a fair amount to consider. You need to determine your skin type to figure out the best products for you, the correct order to apply them and differentiate between an effective morning and evening routine. But what about the amount of product we’re using?

If you’re not using enough skincare, you won’t be reaping the full effects of your products. But if you apply too much, those formulas could be just as ineffective and may also be a waste of product and your money.

So, to clear up the confusion Dr Kemi Fabusiwa, junior doctor and medical director at Joyful Skin Clinic, posted a picture on her Instagram page, demonstrating the correct amount of skincare products we should be applying to our face.

In the caption, she covers the amount of cleanser, clay mask, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF you should be serving your skin and where to apply each one.

“Overuse of certain skincare products can lead to irritation, breakouts and piling,” Dr Fabusiwa explains to Stylist.co.uk. “Piling in skincare occurs when you layer your products, one on top of another, but instead of them absorbing into the epidermis, they coalesce into little balls that aren’t actually carrying out their required function, which is a waste of money.”

“Less is sometimes more with your skincare and the value of dialling back our skincare routines is becoming more and more apparent.”

Dr Fabusiwa also stresses two other important factors in your skincare routine: exfoliating regularly and allowing your product to penetrate the skin before moving onto the next.

“Exfoliating regularly is important so that your skincare products aren’t sitting on top of a rough layer of skin but have a better chance of seeping into the skin’s lower layers,” she says.

“To get the most out of your skincare products, you should alsoallow enough time between each step of your routine. Give enough time for each product to absorb and dry before applying the next.

“You could try placing tasks in between each step, to give each product enough time to absorb into the skin for instance brushing your teeth, or planning tomorrow’s outfit in between steps.”

If anything, spending more time on treating and caring for your skin isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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