I never thought I’d describe a makeup sponge as “pretty,” but with the luxurious, velvet-like surface and powder-blue hue of the Juno & Co.’s Microfiber Velvet Sponge ($6), that was the first word that came to mind. The thought was followed with phrases like “Cool!” and “Does this even work?” To answer the latter: yes. It uses a microfiber surface and something called hydrophilic polyurethane (a fancy way of saying water-loving foam) to create an even complexion that looks as soft as the Juno feels. Just like velvet, its blue hue appears darker or lighter depending on how you look at it.

I decided to test it after a weeklong, stress-induced breakout. I didn’t have many, but the few acne scars I was left with were very new and deeply pigmented. I dabbed on the same concealer that I use every day (Kylie Cosmetics Concealer) before tapping with my water-soaked sponge. The first thing I noticed was how soft and gentle it was on some of the sensitive spots on my face. “Its microfiber design makes it less abrasive on the face. It’s made for sensitive skin,” celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Flor said.

Then I noticed its seamless application — it was never streaky, and with just a few taps and short, small sweeps, I had a smooth complexion. It was also amazing that my most darkened, textured scars were hidden with just one layer of concealer I’d smoothed out with this sponge (typically, I use a few layers of the same concealer to hide a newer scar). My skin looked like I had just put on that “pretty filter” on Instagram — even in tone and texture. It was amazing, considering the tired-looking canvas I was working with.

Juno & Co.’s Microfiber Velvet Sponge is available now on the brand’s website and here to bring your makeup dreams to life. No filter necessary.

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