With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the chillier months are descending upon us and Sienna Miller is coming prepared. The actress, whose signature boho, blonde style defined the aughts, has a new look and it's a lot darker.

Miller is now a borderline brunette, as she revealed at a recent event in New York City. The London-raised beauty showed off a new hair color that's closer to butterscotch than blonde. She paired it with a red lip and matching clutch, and a flowing, peach dress that made her dyed hair pop. Her hairstylist Rebekah Forecast , whose clients also include Jennifer Lawrence, Karlie Kloss, and Miranda Kerr, shared the look on her Instagram with the heart exclamation mark emoji.

While Miller hasn't yet commented on her transition into a brunette, hair is often on her mind. “I’m not particularly loyal to any one brand [of skincare]. I’ll just sort of switch it up all the time. [But] my hair… I have too much hair," she recently told The Coveteur of her beauty routine. "Which sounds annoying to people who don’t have enough hair, but I’ve spent my life trying to squash my hair down and make it hang. I’ll wash my hair and put a beanie hat on. I’ve actually got this really nice shampoo from Oribe at the moment that I’ve been using, so it’s softer than it ever normally is. There is also an oil by Windle & Moodie that smells really beautiful that I put in in the end after I’ve washed it.”

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Her hair isn't the only thing that Miller has been experimenting with. She has also been easing into a new stylistic period. “I never used to mind drawing attention to myself through what I wore,” she recently told Harper's Bazaar of her personal style. “I didn’t mind being quite brave and colourful and I don’t want that anymore. The mini-skirts and stuff… It was great and I was in my twenties, but I’ve grown up a little bit. I love classic fashion; for now, I’m in a toned down, mellow state.” Mellow, but definitely not boring as her latest look proves.

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