I’ve tried my hand at practically every pore cleansing treatment — from pore strips to peel-off masks — to no avail. While I expected some gross (but oddly satisfying) gunk to come out of my pores, nothing ever worked the way it claimed to. But that changed when an opportunity to test the Neogen Pore Mousse came my way — you know, the facial peel that casually racked up a 26,000-person waitlist. 

The “pore vacuum” mousse rose to fame after a viral TikTok video of The Beauty Spy co-founder, Ryan Sullivan, demonstrated how effortlessly the facial treatment removes all the build-up of dirt, gunk, and products from deep within your pores. Ingredients like chondrus crispus extract and red marine algae work together to leave your complexion more even-toned and glowing after each application, and the end result of the video was so promising, the product sold out just four hours after. 

Naturally, I had to see if the viral skincare product lived up to the hype. Since I’m used to painful peel-offs and super sticky strips, the mousse texture initially felt almost too pillowy and light to actually perform any deep cleaning. But after slowly rubbing it across my skin’s problem areas, I began to notice some pilling of dark colored specks. Turns out, it was all the built-up dirt coming out of my pores.

Neogen Pore Mousse

After rinsing away the residue left over by the mousse, I closely inspected the pores on my nose and the areas around it. I was blown away when I saw that they looked smaller and way less noticeable, and my skin even felt luxuriously soft. I immediately did two more applications right after the first, and the results only kept getting better. I was left with glowing, silky smooth skin. 

The Beauty Spy Neogen Pore Mousse

Shop now: $28; beautyspy.com

If no other pore cleansing products have worked on your skin, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of the Neogen Pore Mousse. It’s available at The Beauty Spy for $28 a bottle.

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