If you feel like your food coma just won’t go away, all is not lost! We spoke EXCLUSIVELY to a chef to get expert tips on how to start off 2019 on the right foot.

So many of us overeat during the holidays. Now, you may feel bloated, lethargic, and there may even be some extra pounds on the scale. Luckily, HollywoodLife.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chef Eric Greenspan, a Food Network star and a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) ambassador. He offered some helpful advice on what to do if you gain weight over the holiday season.

“There will always be up and downs, especially for me, since I eat for a living, and sometimes during menu testing continually losing/maintaining weight becomes a challenge,” Eric told us. “That said, the WW community has been a great resource for me along my journey — I love hearing from other members about how they cook and how they incorporate movement into their daily routines. It doesn’t matter if I go over my SmartPoints budget one week or if the number on the scale goes up a little — what matters is how I feel, because progress, not perfection, is what is making the difference in my journey.”

To get back on track, start with the basics, like portion control. “Before I teamed up with WW, I didn’t know much about portion control, and it’s so important. One trick to keep in mind is that your fist is about the size of one cup, and your palm is equivalent to about 3oz of meat.” Restaurant portions are notoriously huge, so definitely be mindful when eating out!

Eric continues, “I like to incorporate ZeroPoint foods – like eggs, non-fat Greek yogurt, fruit and vegetables – into my meals… I’ve started smoking, slow roasting and charring fruits and vegetables because you get so much flavor and texture to your meals and still have points left to enjoy dessert (or all things cheese). But even with ZeroPoint foods, I’ve learned it’s important to eat until you are satiated but not stuffed.”

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