The only thing more difficult than not having enough shades of makeup to choose from is having so many to the point where you’re questioning whether your own skin color has switched up on you. Now that Fenty Beauty shared how to find your exact shade of Pro Filt’r concealer, you won’t feel totally lost in the sauce once you’re smack dab fighting for space at the kiosk in Sephora.

Everyone and their mother had been waiting for the launch of a Fenty Beauty concealer since the day the original 40 foundations dropped in 2017. Now that it’s finally here, fans were previously unsure of where to start in picking their matches.

The beauty brand took to its Instagram stories on Jan. 15 to post a guide for each of its shade categories to help Fenty fans understand exactly how their Pro Filt’r foundation pairs with the right concealer shades. A fair warning, if you haven’t already invested in the foundation (not judging, but wow), you may have a harder time finding the right concealers when used to conceal spots or brighten the face. The brand specifically provided three different concealer options for every shade of Pro Filt’r foundation, so maybe you should cave into this one purchase.

Regardless of if you missed out on the story in the 24-hour time period that Instagram allows any stories to stay up, the brand has already posted the entire guide under its "concealer" story highlight. Thanks, Aunty RiRi!


If you’re trying to build your dream #FentyFace and your foundation is in the 100s category, Fenty Beauty shared its three suggestions for your most ideal concealer shades: one for your under eyes and blemishes, one for dark circles, and another to brighten and highlight that T-zone.


The same process goes for the 200s when finding your right brightening and concealer shades. When Fenty first launche its guide to concealers, it only included the shade that coincided with your foundation. However, this more updated guide plugs all the accommodating shades for other correcting.


Since Fenty Beauty is one makeup company that not only takes shade, but undertone into account in its foundations, the same goes for the brand’s Pro Filt’r concealers. If you’re looking for a natural face beat in the 300s shade range, your best bet is to apply the color that corresponds with your foundation shade.


For Fenty Beauty fans in the 400s who may deal with dark spots and hyperpigmented skin, these concealers act as correctors so that you never have to buy several different colors for each of the skin issues you may want to correct. While Rihanna has given makeup geeks three options for brightening and concealing, some of us are still fans of the contour and will probably opt in for another extra shade to carve and shape a warm and inviting face.

Survey says Fenty Beauty has done it yet again, bringing in more loyal customers with, concealer, coverage, and cute looks for every shade.

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