Glamsquad Is Launching Hair Products You Won’t Want to Miss

Glamsquad, the app that revolutionized how you get ready by bringing hair, makeup, and nail experts to you, is now coming out with hair products that will once again change your beauty game.

The brand has developed a collection of hairstyling essentials with its clients in mind, after surveying its users on what they’re looking for when they get their hair done. The result is an assortment that includes everything you (or your Glamsquad stylist) would need to get your perfect hairstyle. Each product costs between $24 and $34, and many of the products come in cheaper travel-size options.

Another perk is that for ingredient-conscious consumers, every product is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and mineral oil and is also cruelty-free. Check out the brand-new Glamsquad products ahead.

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