You’ve Marie Kondo-d your bedroom, alphabetised your spice rack and colour-coordinated your bookshelf. The next on your organisational hit list? Your lipstick collection.

It all starts with one single lipstick. Every collection does. But as you begin to expand your shade spectrum, experiment with new scientifically-engineered formulas or try out different textures and finishes, before you know it, your lipstick collection is everywhere. You’ll likely find a few rolling around at the bottom of your handbag (and every handbag you own for that matter). You’ll find them in pockets. In wash bags. In kitchen cupboards. Your desk drawer. Down the side of the sofa. Everywhere you look: another lipstick.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it could be time to get your collection in order with a lipstick organiser.

But before you start a massive Muji order (handy though it may be), we’ve compiled some pretty useful lipstick storage advice from the Instagrammers who own hundreds of them…

Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

“I love using an empty candle jar to store my lipsticks. Not only does it look nice on my dresser but also allows me to have the lipsticks face up so I can clearly identify which colour is which.”

Gena-Mour Barrett @poutgena

“I run a lipstick Instagram where I review and try different lipsticks, which means I’ve accumulated close to 250 lipsticks even with giving some of them away. 

Many of the ones that don’t suit my skin tone or I’m not a fan of are packed away in a box that I only ever touch when friends come over and I give them away. 

For the rest, I have three main places I store them: a carousel from Amazon that holds 80 lipsticks (which I quickly grew out of as soon as I bought it), a storage drawer from Muji, and a basic makeup bag that has a bunch of nudes and glosses in. My dream is to one day have enough room to store my lipsticks in a way I can actually see them, but until then, it’s organised chaos.”

Really Ree @reallyree

“Beauty products take up so much space, so vertical storage is the only way for me! This caddy is perfect for me because I just spin it until I get to the lipstick I want. I’m addicted to online browsing and found it on Amazon. I now have 3!”

Salwa Rahman @urgalsal

“My lipstick are organised by brand and are stored upside down so I can see the shade names! The reason I store them like this is so that I can see and use them. Especially because I may have more lip products than the usual consumer I want to make sure that I’m getting the most out of all my products and no shade goes unloved!”

Amy Lawrenson @amy_lawrenson  

“I keep my lipsticks in a clear plastic box from Wilko so I can sort of see in! I then keep the lipsticks I’m loving at the moment outside the box within easy reach, this changes seasonally and sometimes monthly. 

I have my absolute go-to everyday lipsticks in my handbag. At the moment I’m wearing LancômeL’Absolu Rouge in 125 a lot as it’s so easy to wear, it’s basically my lip colour but with a slight sheen. I have so many lipsticks that ideally I would sort by colour, then whether it’s lipstick or gloss but who has time for that?”

Sebina Hussain @sebinaah

“My lip products are mainly stored in plastic storage boxes. I love lipsticks and I’m a bit of a lipstick hoarder, so I like storing them in this manner because they look presentable and I have the storage boxes dotted around my office. I also find that storing them in this way allows me to see all the products at once which means I’m more likely to use different colors and brands on a day to day basis.”

Rose Gallagher @rosegallagher

“Here’s one of many drawers I have in a stack in my London flat, filled with my favourite lip essentials (and there’s a similar one at home in Birmingham). 

Though these drawers are labelled, I just pile everything into their rightful drawer because I’m too busy to mess around keeping everything spic and span. You’ll laugh but I know every single shade in here and a quick rummage will easily bring me to what I’m going for that day. 

Mostly you’ll find pink nudes and vivid pink reds, but I do have a few coral and plum shades for when the mood takes me. I’m always slightly skeptical when I see meticulous dressing table shots on Instagram, because I’m a tidy person but my makeup is just so frequently used and ravaged that keeping it spotless just isn’t feasible. Besides it’s much more fun this way, digging for treasure.”

Harriet Hadfield @harrymakesitup

“I have two ways of storing…firstly I use a carousel to store my go-tos at home in my office (you can easily find this on Amazon) and then in my pro kit I like to fit as much into as small as space possible so I make edits of my favourite brands and colours in palettes.”

Images: Courtesy of those mentioned in story.

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