Cue the Nostalgia: Kylie Jenner Wore Her Hair in Layers and Side Bangs

The early 2000s were a gold mine of distinct beauty trends. (Remember thin eyebrows, metallic “frosty” lipstick, and the obsession with Jennifer Lopez’s J Lo Glow?) Now, Kylie Jenner might be spearheading a resurgence of one huge hair trend from the decade: chunky, side-swept bangs.

Jenner recently stepped out with the side bangs, along with long, layered hair. The haircut, which was created by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, has prompted fans to ask if the look is back (with one even saying, “?????????? about time!”).

The look, which you might associate with the early 2000s, was also immensely popular in other decades like the 1990s (thanks to Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” haircut, which incorporated the bangs). See the side bangs and layered hairstyle on Jenner here and some of your favorite celebrities with the haircut, ahead. You decide — is the iconic hair look back?

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