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Finish off your next chest or arm workout by ditching the weights, grabbing a resistance band, and pressing your triceps down into oblivion.

You’ve probably done press downs before using a cable machine. You’ll get a great workout that way — but the resistance band adds an entirely new element into the equation, according to Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel.

“We’re taking advantage of the resistance curve that banded tension offers,” he says. “Unlike a cable machine press down, you have to earn every second of a the straight-arm position when you’re facing a band.”

In other words, the extra work comes from the springy resistance of the band, which actively pulls up against your hands when you stretch it out. You’re forced to work against it on the way down and on the way back up.

To perform the workout, all you need is a resistance band and a high spot to serve as an anchor. If your gym is lacking the right equipment or you want to blast your triceps and chest at home, check out these bands from WODFitters. Don’t start with the thickest band you can find, though — Samuel advises to start out lighter than you might think so that you can keep your form on point.

While the pressing is important here, your main focus should be on holding your position as solidly as you possibly can.

“Squeeze your tris hard and focus on keeping your shoulders back,” Samuel says. “Don’t lean your torso forward and hunch over the band, because then you won’t get the most out of the movement.”

Try 3 sets of the ladder to complete your toughest chest and arm sessions. Just be careful with the bands, since that constant resistance can spring back at you if you leave any slack.

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