In a world where variety is the spice of life, inclusion and acceptance matters…like a lot. When it comes to makeup, the color, shade, and even texture makes the mantra ring even truer. Luckily, Becky G and Colourpop Cosmetics are launching a makeup collection to bring Latina vibes to your lips and lids for the spiciest variety pack for beauty gurus.

Makeup in general is its own worst enemy as its biggest challenge to outdo itself every time. With this upcoming launch of Becky G’s Salvaje collection that centers around the singer’s cultural identity, it’s a bit of a refresher from what Colourpop fans may be used to.

In the teaser pic she posted, the collection includes a series of products including a vibrant 12-shade eyeshadow palette, 5 lippies, and two powder products. It’s safe to say that the colors throughout this collection is dripping with Latin flavor.

Where there’s a makeup collection that combines heritage, universal shades and everyday wearability, there will be a line of millennials waiting to charge their cards. In sharing the news, the 21-year-old posted to Instagram to share the initial photos and the importance of why she made her Latin roots the focus of the makeup collaboration.

"This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I can’t even believe it’s really happening," she captioned the post. “’Salvaje’ in Spanish translates as “Savage” in English and this collection is all of that and more!"

For this collection, it seems Becky G is taking all the steps to make sure Latin culture is represented thoroughly throughout the collection. And although this spicy looking makeup is not the biggest collection in its appearance, it happens to be Colourpop’s first collection with any musical artist. So props to you, Becky.

"The collection is inspired by my strong Latin roots, something I’m obviously SO proud of and I absolutely wanted to focus on that for this collection."

In true Latin fashion, the eyeshadow palette in the collection features some fire hot hues to depict the deep reds, oranges and even cool toned blue shades found within the singer’s cultural background. As for the lip colors, which isn’t clear whether they’re glosses or lipsticks, they come in various shades of red, some blood oranges, and even one mauve pink shade.

While there aren’t any complexion products featured, the collection also contains two powders catered to both light and deep skin tones from what’s shown in the Instagram pic. Regardless, a girl could always use more powder to control that oily T-zone.

"All of this makeup is something I could literally wear everyday and I can’t wait for you to try them!!"

The entire collection officially drops Wednesday Dec. 5 on the Colourpop website and more details about the collection will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned makeup geeks.

You can take the girl out of her Latin roots, but you can’t take the Latin roots out of her…or her makeup collection.

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