Forgotten frescoes: The incredible paintings that adorn the walls of abandoned grand houses across Europe

  • Romain Veillon has been exploring empty mansions across countries such as Italy, France and Portugal 
  • In some of these buildings, he was surprised to discover they had magnificent frescoes painted on the walls
  • The snapper said: ‘These photographs represent a time where art was more important than fame or money’ 
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These incredible frescoes had been left to ruin inside grand abandoned buildings across Europe – and forgotten.

Well, not completely.

That’s because French photographer Romain Veillon found them and snapped them for posterity as he explored empty mansions in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Ireland.

Before entering these buildings, the snapper sometimes knew they were home to incredible artwork. But sometimes it was a pleasant surprise to discover these intricate works adorning the walls.

Mr Veillon said: ‘These works have their own unique beauty and we are only a few to have been lucky enough to witness their nobility. Little by little, they are wasting away.

‘These photographs represent a time where art was more important than fame or money. They are also the symbols of a golden age. It’s not easy to imagine what these walls looked like before.’

Scroll down to see a gallery of stunning decaying art captured by Mr Veillon in locations he’s kept secret…

Dust and wooden frames might be piled up on the floor in this abandoned houses that Romain Veillon discovered, but the incredible frescoes on the walls greatly improve the aesthetics

An abandoned pram lies rotting next to a wall adorned with the painting of a ship and a desert island in an empty mansion 

On entering these eerie buildings, Mr Veillon knew there would be incredible art. Other times, the frescoes adorning the walls were a complete surprise 

In this building, the countryside and lake scene painted so intricately on the wall has begun to fade 

The artwork on the wall and ceiling of this mansion is mostly intact. But it still resembles a scene from a horror film

Romain said: ‘The quality of the frescos and paintings are different from each other but it is still stunning to discover how people decided to decorate their homes’ 

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Romain took these pictures in Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Ireland – but he never reveals exact locations

The frescoes in these abandoned properties would be worthy of any art gallery – and the houses fit for royalty in their heyday

Romain said: ‘It is a joy to be able to almost travel into the past and see these unique and wonderful paintings only a few people have been able to see’ 

Romain says that examining the frescoes that have been painted on the walls can give clues about the families who used to live there 

A lone armchair sits in the middle of a room that has a pretty scene of a bridge crossing a river adorned on the walls 

Romain added: ‘I’m also discouraged to see that these paintings will soon be completely destroyed and that this art will be forgotten forever’ 

A nautical themed fresco has been painted on the wall inside this abandoned property. The house, now, though, is far from shipshape

Romain said: ‘This art is the symbol of a golden age. It’s not easy to imagine what these walls looked like before, but I believe this is a part of the journey’ 

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