Game of Thrones’ Season 8 premiere went down last night, and amid all the hysteria (Twitter basically had a full meltdown) you might have missed the fact that the show got a shiny new intro. Not only does the intro feature the wall with a giant hole in it thanks to Viserion’s damage last season, we see the crypts of Winterfell (where Jon Snow found out his true identity last night), and the Iron Throne. But most importantly, the opening credits appear to show us the exact trajectory of The Night King’s army, plus how far they’ve come.

As a fan notes, “We see the breach in the wall and blue ‘ice’ flowing south. It stops at Last Hearth which is where we saw the boy (forget his name) on the wall in the arm spiral. I’m betting the ice is going to change every week to show the Night King’s advance.”

I buy it! And there’s evidence to support this theory thanks to an interview with opening credits art director Kirk Shintani, who told Buzzfeed “I’ll say that there are differences in every single episode. From episode to episode, pay attention, because there’s lots of hints scattered around.”

FYI that the Last Hearth was home to House Umber. It appears as though (off camera) the Army of the Dead reached it and killed Ned Umber, leaving his body pinned to the wall in the process. Anyway, make sure to pay attention to the credits next week, because that sheen of blue ice could be a pretty good indicator of just how close the Night King is to his target.

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