Jordyn Woods lost the love and support of the KarJenner family after her Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. But her career is still afloat and she’s grateful for all of her work opportunities.

Jordyn Woods getting shunned by the KarJenners for fooling around with Tristan Thompson didn’t sink her career plans like she feared it might. Despite being the target of so much hate from the family after she betrayed them and made out with Khloe Kardashian‘s baby daddy at a party, she’s kept her most important business deal in place. “Jordyn feels relieved to have not lost her makeup endorsement deal with Eylure Official Lash Collection over the entire Khloe and Tristan scandal. It was her biggest concern during all of this as it’s a huge source of income for her,” a source close to the 21-year-old tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Jordyn had been Kylie Jenner‘s BFF since they were teens, and even collaborated on a KylieXJordyn collection for the 21-year-old billionaire’s cosmetics line. Kylie had financially provided for Jordyn to be part of her luxury lifestyle and she even lived in Kylie’s guest house. She moved out and in with her mother right after the cheating scandal broke. Now Jordyn’s glad that she’s able to make it on her own since Kylie cut her out of her life.

“The deal is worth a lot of money and especially since Kylie was fronting a lot of Jordyn’s lifestyle, of course she was scared of what would happen if she lost it,” our insider continues. “Jordyn feels she has worked really hard and is really proud of this project is so thankful to have her own collection and make her own name separate from Kylie. She’s feeling really thankful for everything.”

“Jordyn still feels awful about the Tristan situation, but she has received so much support from her family and is starting to come out of hiding from the public eye. Jordyn wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to recover a career after this mess and is truly grateful for her endorsement deal with Eylure,” a second source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She would love to repair things with Kylie and Khloe at some point, but she’s also realizing that may never happen and she knows she needs to focus on supporting herself and moving forward in the meantime.”

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