Weddings are typically all about the happy couple. Sure, you want your family and friends to have a good time, but ultimately, it’s the bride and groom’s big day. However, it’s easy for a bride or groom who planned their dream wedding to start acting a little too controlling. Of course, it all depends on how you look at it. Pretty much everyone has heard at least one story about a controlling "bridezilla", but there are two sides to every story, including one in which a bride asked her pregnant bridesmaid to not flaunt her baby bump in photos. Yes, this really happened. No, I am not kidding.

Taking to a Reddit thread called, "Am I The As*hole?", the bride chronicled the events of the big day and asked users whether or not she was the "bad guy" in the situation. Long story short: The bride in question admitted that she asked her bridesmaid not to hold her hand on her baby bump while they were taking wedding photos. Then, the bridesmaid said she was offended by it. So, is there a right or wrong side to this story? Obviously, weddings are a big deal, and so it makes sense that tensions would be high on the big day for both the bride and the bridesmaid.

This is exactly what the bride wrote:

— u/assholebride

As I said, it’s a complicated situation. Users were also torn, as they understood that the bride didn’t want attention taken away from her on her wedding day, but also understood that the bridesmaid might have felt insecure in her dress. As one user replied, "those are your wedding photos, and there is absolutely no reason someone should be deliberately showing off their ‘baby bump’ to take away from the bride in a photo."

On the other hand, users made the point that the bridesmaid couldn’t help being pregnant, and likely just wanted to be comfortable. "Is it attention seeking to be visibly pregnant at someone else’s wedding?" someone asked. "Because it seems like the bride (and a lot of commenters) are treating this girl like she maliciously planned to take over the wedding by not hiding her pregnancy, which is insane to me." Again, there is truth to both sides of the story, and it likely seems that this was a case of miscommunication and a lot of stress.

Hopefully, these two friends can work it out, because it would suck for a friendship to completely end over this. Brides and bridesmaids are supposed to be there for each other, pregnancies and wedding photos aside.

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