Gummy goodness was all the rage at this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago.

The annual industry trade show for purveyors of candy, chips, packaged nuts, popcorn, jerky, gum, chocolates and other delectable confections was held Tuesday through Thursday. Among the new sweets being introduced were gummy candies so cute you almost don’t want to eat them.

The unique treats from Raindrops are shaped to look like classic savory foods like pizza and hamburgers. Though the company has introduced adorable versions like candy sushi (it’s made with chewy “fish” sitting on top of marshmallows posing as rice) in the past, there were a few new additions at the Sweet and Snacks Expo.

New to the collection is a frosted pink doughnut with sprinkles and a chocolate drizzle; an arrangement of flower and leaf-shaped gummies; and candy noodles complete with a candy soft-boiled egg.

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The sweets are available for purchase on both Amazon and Walmart starting at $5.

Also on display at the expo were Reese’s new Thins in milk and dark chocolate, and the new M&M’s Hazelnut Spread.

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