365 Everyday Value Coffee and Donut Ice Cream

Combine the rich taste of coffee with supersweet vanilla doughnut and you get the mouthwatering mix found in a new ice cream flavor sold at Whole Foods. Seriously, how good does that sound?! 365 Everyday Value’s Coffee and Donut ice cream features classic coffee ice cream plus vanilla doughnut pieces, so, yeah, sign me up. The product was spotted on shelves and shared by The Impulsive Buy and Snack Betch, and it joins the ranks of other delicious-sounding flavors from the brand. Cinnamon graham cracker? Bananas foster? Toasted coconut and black sesame?! Yes, yes, and yes. Keep reading for a look at some of the must-try ice cream offerings at Whole Foods, then check out the ice-cream-filled cookie dough bites we’re still talking about.

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