The move from Disneyland Magic Kingdom comes after animal rights charity PETA named it the most vegan-friendly amusement park.

Across the park, there are many meat, egg, and dairy-free options and all popcorn and pretzels in every corner is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

One of the areas, Adventureland, has vegan items such as Perkins Thai noodles, Shiriki noodle salad, and curried vegetable crew stew.

The vegan Sloppy Joe will be made with a tomato-based sauce and mustard slaw.

One of the desserts you’ll find available is the Peter Pan Float – a frozen key lime dish with Sprite.

The handy guide also informs customers whether the restaurant is a quick service (QSR), table service (TSR) and if the food is for breakfast (B), lunch (L), or dinner (D).

Visitors can pick the pamphlet in any of the kiosks.

So rejoice, vegans and those who are into delicious ethical food, there are more reasons to visit Disneyland.

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