WE all feel the need to detox from time to time, and really there's no better time to start than spring.

Follow these seven simple tips to develop a healthier diet and fix-up your fitness routine. Trust me, by summer you'll definitely be feeling the benefits of super-charging your life.

1. Snack on celery

THE LA health set has gone wild for celery juice, and it’s all over the ‘Gram right now.

Research confirms the green stuff’s rep for lowering blood pressure, perhaps because of its potassium content and phthalides – compounds that relax the muscles around arteries.

Celery also has a diuretic effect, so it can help eliminate excess body fluid. But sticking it in the juicer might not be the best option.

“Juicing strips away the beneficial fibre that boosts gut health,” says Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert. Dunk it in houmous instead.

2. Upgrade your ZZZs

SLEEP is big right now.

Pinterest reports that searches for sleep optimisation rose by 116 per cent in 2018, and lack of sleep has been linked to everything from weight gain to Alzheimer’s.

Not getting enough shut-eye?

Lys is a gadget and app combo that measures the amount of daylight you get (the recommended minimum is 30 minutes), which impacts how you sleep, and gives bespoke tips via an app on maximising your wake/sleep cycle, £98.

3. Don’t sweat it

IF 2018 was all about high-intensity exercise, 2019 is about rest and recovery.

Float therapy (lying on your back in a sensory-depriving water tank), cryotherapy (exposure to extreme cold to treat soft-tissue ailments) and restorative yoga are set to become the hot new non-workout workouts.

Why not incorporate R&R after your gym sesh by using a foam roller (£8.99, Amazon.co.uk)?

Releasing fasciae (connective tissues), it aids rest and recovery.

4. Massage away toxins

LYMPHATIC drainage may not be the sexiest-sounding treatment, but celebs including Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd and Millie Mackintosh swear by these massages that stimulate the lymphatic system.

Available in salons from £75 for 60 minutes, they can reduce bloating, plus result in smoother skin and fewer breakouts.

Replicate the effects at home for a fraction of the cost with a Sarah Chapman The Facialift, £21.

5. Munch on mushrooms

EVEN normal shrooms can work some magic!

Mushroom extract is a must-have skincare ingredient with immunity-boosting, anti-ageing properties.

Get in on the action with Innermost The Health Protein – pea protein with mushroom that you can add to smoothies or sprinkle on porridge, £29.95.

6. Swap your milk

FERMENTED foods boost gut-friendly bacteria, but sauerkraut and kimchi aren’t exactly kitchen cupboard staples.

Step forward kefir – a fermented milk that can up the good bacteria in your gut.

It might not sound that appealing, but its taste isn’t dissimilar to regular milk. These make lactic acid, which helps prevent harmful bacteria taking over.

Chuckling Goat uses live kefir grains and goat’s milk, £42.95 for a 21-day course.

7. Work out at home

THERE'S no excuse not to exercise, thanks to all the at-home services available now (sorry!).

At £1,150 we might not be able to afford the Mirror – an on-trend interactive screen that streams live fitness classes with motivational shoutouts – but Fiit TV is a little more affordable.

This mobile app, from £10 a month, connects to your telly and lets you sweat with the world’s best trainers (Fiit.tv).

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