EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

Aries (Queen of Wands, Seven of Cups, Five of Coins)

You know, you’ve got a strong will and a positive outlook on life, which is a rare and powerful combination, so this week put it to good use by taking a negative and turning it into an opportunity. 

The Five of Coins shows the loss is coming, it’s likely it’s an old one which still rankles you a bit, but is not a searing source of pain.

But the Seven of Cups shows you using your imagination and your 'can do' attitude to see this issue anew- maybe the silver lining, maybe with the benefit of hindsight or from another’s point of view.

The Queen of Wands shows you taking control and 're-framing' the situation in a new light, one which has obvious advantages for you ongoing. Re-tell the story with a better ending.

Taurus (The Magician, Nine of Wands, The Empress)

Powerful cards about creativity grace you with their presence this week, Taurus.

The Magician and The Empress both see you recognising your natural-born talents, sharpening them, and putting them to positive use in everyday life.

We often overlook what we’re naturally good at, and take it for granted, but we shouldn’t because others don’t see it that way- they need our skills and might be willing to pay for them too.

The Nine of Wands reassures you that whatever obstacles you think are in your way here… they’re nothing to worry about, and will fade the moment you focus your intentions.

So, identify a skill, see a means of making use of it in real life, and make it happen. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Gemini (Queen of Cups, Six of Swords, The Tower)

Something emotional like a relationship, a long-held ambition or dream is going to get a real shake-up this week, so brace yourself.

The Tower is a tough card and reveals sudden impacts we never saw coming, which rock our world. Sounds scary, right? Well, the shock and awe is fleeting, and The Tower actually brings the gift of truth.

What’s left after its impact is a firmer foundation on which to rebuild. All that was dying, negative or false gets swept away cleanly.

The Six of Swords reveals that a departure is on the cards, but that it won’t feel as sad as you believe.

You’re ready for this, more than ready, and moving on is actually going to feel cathartic and healing. There’s love, light and prosperity ahead.

Cancer (Five of Cups, Three of Coins, The Hierophant)

You’re caught in a bit of a cross-wire this week, Cancer, and feel the need to reflect on the issue.

On the one hand, something from your past is beckoning you back, as shown by the grieving but lingering Five of Cups. If only you could turn the clock back…

But, on the other hand, the Three of Coins promises a brighter future and better options if you’d only cut those ties once and for all and move forwards without this baggage. What to do?

The Hierophant asks you to examine your faith and trust. What and who do you believe in? What, with all the life lessons you’ve earned, do you want for your future truly and does your lead there?

Be honest, be brutal actually because this is an important cross roads. Think carefully and be led by your highest and best intentions and hopes for yourself.

Leo (Two of Wands, The World, Knight of Swords)

You’ve got choices here, Leo, as shown by the Two of Wands – none of the options are 'wrong', in fact the only wrong move is to NOT make one. You’re not a procrastinator anyway, so no fear.

The key to getting the best out of this cross roads, as shown by The World and the Knight of Swords, is threefold:

First, cut to the heart of the matter, face into all the aspects of it – good, bad and ugly. And don’t be put off by the 'ugly', because you have courage in buckets.
Then, push yourself further, getting into new territory instead of hanging around the same old scene.
Finally, think long term, think end game, think far ahead future… What’s the trajectory you need to bounce into now to reach your most precious ambition?

That’s where you should head.

Virgo (Two of Swords, Knight of Wands, Five of Wands)

Be like the Knight of Wands this week, Virgo, and put some distance between yourself and the people, places or situations which are giving you grief.

Sometimes, out of sight IS out of mind, and you need this break.

The Five of Wands hints you will adjust your perspective on things, move to a more objective, dispassionate viewpoint and THEN you’ll see what needs to be done. You’re too emotional right now to make a judgement.

The Two of Swords reminds you that a decision will have to be made here, but maybe not RIGHT now.

Get some distance, change your mindset and approach, simmer down those painful feelings by doing something else, somewhere else, with other people. A rest is as good as a change.

Libra (Justice, Ace of Swords, The High Priestess)

Deep down, you know the REAL underlying issue, and the answer to a long-standing problematic situation you’ve felt embroiled in.

Justice is coming, my friend, and therefore play nice, be cautious, and look after your side of the street -let karma take care of the rest.

The High Priestess also visits you and she will reveal, via dreams, intuitions and flashes of insight, the truth of this matter and the role you’ve played. There are life lessons to be had, so let yourself reflect on events.

The Ace of Swords indicates that truth is what is going to make the difference at long last, a new insight which sets in motion the resolution.

Don’t knee-jerk react to it, let yourself absorb the idea and news, let things play out naturally. This is nearly all over.

Scorpio (Queen of Wands, Queen of Swords, King of Coins)

Crumbs, you’re surrounded and hemmed in this week by lots of other people’s opinions, ideas and input and it’s exhausting quite frankly!

Fire and Air sign women (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are trying to get you to see things their way and offer their counsel. Or is it their agenda?… You decide, Scorpio, you’re shrewd enough to unpick others’ intentions, after all.

Earth sign men (look out for Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) are on with the same game: chipping away at you. But enough is enough. 
Escape if you can and, if you can’t, hear them out, just glaze over and tell them you need some time to think it through and you appreciate their input. Then ghost and go do something you like doing.

It’ll all pass by, the wind will leave their sails and normal service will resume, so don’t over-react or stir it up even more.

Sagittarius (The Moon, Three of Cups, Four of Swords)

There’s something you don’t know yet, which you need to know, and which may reveal itself this week.

The Moon is a card about secrets and illusions, hidden fears and underlying anxieties. Its message is NOT to take any action until you’ve gotten all of the facts and insights required, until you are well informed. So, hang fire…

In the meantime, the Three of Cups diagnoses a big dose of FUN and the Four of Swords advises making time to rest, relax and recuperate because you are feeling a little frazzled.

It will get resolved this week, and the fog will lift, but you can’t force or rush it. So, let it untangle in its own way and at its own speed, and go do things which make you smile with people you love, and then get some quality RnR time in too.

You’re kinda’ awaiting the revelation, and you may as well make the 'waiting room' as fun as possible.

Capricorn (Two of Cups, Ace of Cups, The Wheel of Fortune)

Whatever your love situation is, Capricorn, expect things to change and radically improve this week!

The Wheel of Fortune is spinning which means it’s ALL change- what was up will come down, and vice versa BUT it will be alright in the end, so if it’s not alright then it’s not the end.

The Ace and Two of Cups are two powerful love cards – one representing new relationships (or the rekindling of existing ones) which sweep us off our feet, the other card promising this relationship is mutually beneficial, supportive and more than JUST romance – it’s a potential life partnership.

For singletons, look out for Cancerians. They are your opposite star sign which means there’s tonnes of sexual chemistry and connection!

Aquarius (Ten of Coins, Judgment, Three of Wands)

The combination of Judgment, the closing of a chapter, and Ten of Coins, financial security and happy home, make me think your theme tune this week is all about rebuilding.

Something you lost, or got damaged, way back is now looking much healthier, and you feel proud of how you have handled it, and how far you’ve come now.

Indeed, Aquarius, you’ve done well and you should take a moment to remember what you’ve achieved and the life lessons you’ve earned along the way.

There’s more to be done, though, and the Three of Wands hints that an opportunity to add another valuable brick to the wall will present itself this week.

It comes via the advice, help or support of others, so talk to them about your journey. You’ll be surprised (and pleased) at what is offered.

Pisces (The Sun, King of Swords, The Lovers)

I want you to visualise a future you – what are you doing, where are you, how do you look and feel, who are you with, how does your day pan out, what are you looking forward to…

The King of Swords is with you this week, and will help you meditate to find concrete daydreams about your ideal future lifestyle.

Hold those thoughts, Pisces, because The Sun comes to bless whatever steps you make this week to turn those daydreams into a reality.

You’re on the cusp of a threshold to a prosperous, joyful new chapter, one which comes from your own making. So be CLEAR about what it is you DO want.

The Lovers hints that, right now, you’re not being clear. You feel in the midst of conflicting forces, opinions and ideas… a head vs heart situation maybe.

Be the 'doer', take control, and dream a dream to make it real.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as an illustrated brochure, at www.kerrykingtarot.etsy.com

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