SEOUL – A policeman, who allegedly ganged up with Burning Sun staff to beat up a customer who tipped them off to a sexual assault at the club, is now in hot water.

According to portal allkpop, he is now being investigated for sexually harassing a female colleague.

She claimed that he had tracked her movements and sexually harassed her inside a patrol car.

Netizens were further shocked to learn that the man had reportedly also behaved the same towards a female colleague in another police precinct.

The Burning Sun club has been linked to former BigBang singer Seungri who has been booked for offences, from procuring prostitutes to sharing illicit photographs.

Meanwhile, the police have given an update on their probe into his birthday bash in the Philippines in 2017, when he was said to have arranged for prostitutes to attend.

The women, under police questioning, said while they did have sex with the guests, they were never forced to do so.

But while money may not have changed hands, the police suspect that the women’s compensation came in the form of an all-expenses-paid trip to the Philippines.

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