Dorinda became extremely upset during the March 13 episode of ‘RHONY’, when she was seemingly disinvited from Barbara’s clambake in The Hamptons, and Luann was to blame.

It was a battle between the blondes and the brunettes during the March 13 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, when Dorinda and Luann refused to put their own feud behind them. Luann wanted Dorinda to apologize for her behavior at her Cabaret show, but Dorinda felt that she had already apologized and wouldn’t do so again since Luann had been bashing her in the press recently. So nothing got resolved this week and it put some of the other ladies — especially Barbara — in an awkward position. Barbara was planning a clambake in The Hamptons — one she had invited all the ladies to, but once Luann found out Ramona and Dorinda were invited, she asked that they be uninvited because she’s still in a vulnerable place in her recovery (55 days sober!), and she didn’t think it’d be a good idea to be around them. So Barbara tried getting Sonja to do the dirty work, since Sonja was playing both sides and spending time with both groups (the blondes and the brunettes), but Sonja suggested that Luann and Dorinda break the ice with either a text or a phone call. Luann said it’d take more than a text to repair her friendship with Dorinda, and Dorinda didn’t seem interested in reaching out anyway.

Dorinda then became even more upset by the fact that she was seemingly uninvited from the clambake. It was something that Sonja shared with the blondes (Ramona, Dorinda, and Tinsley) the morning after she had dinner with the brunettes (Luann, Barbara and Bethenny), and Dorinda got so worked up that she called Barbara to find out what was going on. “Sonja’s saying I have to call Luann [if I want to come]? No, no, listen, sweetie, I’m not doing it,” Dorinda told Barbara.

After Dorinda repeatedly yelled “JOVANI!” from the audience of Luann’s cabaret show in February, she “spent the next four weeks apologizing and apologizing after years of complete devotion to her—devotion,” Dorinda said, before she explained, “And for the last six weeks, up until about three weeks ago, Luann has been bashing me in every press, every podcast…Ramona kept saying take the high road.” The phone call then ended with Dorinda telling Barbara she’d just see her back in NYC since she had no desire to reach out to Luann.

However, a few hours later, Dorinda decided to text Luann anyway, but she didn’t even apologize for anything. Instead, she sent Luann a quote by Tyler Perry about forgiving someone. Luann and Bethenny thought it was a hilarious, while Ramona thought it was a good idea on Dorinda’s part.

And later, when the ladies arrived at Barbara’s for her clambake, Luann was shocked to see Ramona had decided to come, too — even though she was uninvited. Dorinda, however, stayed at Ramona’s Hamptons house and spent some alone time with her dogs. As for whether or not Ramona caused any drama, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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